Friday, May 17, 2013

Love rejuvenated..... :-) :-)

First of all, I issue my sincere apologies to all my friends and well-wishers; for publishing a new post after 2 years..... :-(

To be very frank with you all, my plight was analogous to the bird whose wings had been clipped. Everything seemed to have come to a standstill...... :-(

However, I am thankful to God for rejuvenating me with pure, divine love....... :-) The link to my blog says "In search of serenity.......". One of my best friends had said that she would pray for serenity to re-enter my life..... and her prayers have been answered at last :-) Thanks a ton to that friend of mine :-) :-) :-)

Here are some excerpts from the rejuvenated portion of my life. As Hindi is my first love, the thoughts got penned down in Hindi. Here they go :

चुराये चोर धन ,
चुराये पंछी मन ,
चुराये मनुष्य सुर्खियाँ ,
और .....
चुराये जीवन  खुशियाँ !!!!!!

बगिया रूप है जीवन ,
जिसमे हैं तरह -तरह के पेड़,
कर ले हम बारी -बारी उनके गुणों का सेवन -
ताकि दे मायुसी को खदेड़ | 

पतझड में जहा ये सहम जाएँ ,
बरखा में वही ये झूमे जाएँ-
फूल खिलने पर जहा ये  मुस्कुराएँ,
फलों से लद जाने पर वही ये शरमाएं | 

दिखाये हर मौसम ने अपने रंग ,
पर डोलते रहे ये पेड़ उसके संग -
डटे रहे ये अपने स्थान पर ,
फ़सा न सका उन्हें कोई भवर | 

कर दिया मुझे शांत इन्ही हरकतो ने उनकी,
जान ली बात उन्हों ने मेरे मन की -
शिथिल हो गया वह ज्वार -भाटा ,
जो कर रहा था मेरे मन -रूपी सागर के चैतन्य में प्रतिदिन घाटा | 

यदि हो जड़े मजबूत ,
तो हिला न सके उन्हें चट्टान -
ठीक वैसे ही -
यदि हो खुद बुलंद ,
तो हर गति पड जाए आपके सामने मंद | 

समेट लिये ये वर्ष इन्ही बुलंदियों से,
बढ़ते चले आगे इसी स्थिरता से -
दोगे ना साथ आप मेरा, मेरे दोस्तो ,
कर देंगे दुश्मन के इरादे पस्त !!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Life is a mystery

A person's life undergoes numerous trials and tribulations. By the time he/she starts realizing the value of life, several years pass-by, leaving behind nothing but memories. The person then passes the baton to the next generation and obtains respite from his/her earthly duties. This poetry  got composed in my mind after I saw one of my closest relatives leaving for his heavenly abode. I have just tried to put through some of his thoughts while he breathed his last. Here it goes:

Is life is mutation?
Is life an emulation?
Is life a speculation?
As such, is life an emancipation?

In anticipation of peace,
Performs one ample of deeds,
But, to his surprises,
Turn they out to be untimely compromises-

Sacrifices one his present,
For the betterment of his future,
Little does he know that,
Present does future nurture!

One strives day and night,
To earn his bread and butter,
Transcends he all the barriers,
But never does a word utter!

Passes thus the half period of life,
Turns blunt the blade of knife,
Then does he realize,
Many plans are yet to materialize!

Then, a day ceases the life-line,
Comes to a standstill the pine,
Cry his fellowmen over his demise,
Their grief does epitomize!

Life is, by all means, a mystery,
Why does one create its history?
'Change is the necessity of life',
So the show must go on!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Patriotism inspired by a flower

The other day, I was reading a poetry composed by late Shri. Makhanlal Chaturvedi titled 'Pushp ki Abhilasha'. The composition would take us to the period of pre-independence. It expresses the wish of an Indian flower to do its bit for the freedom fighters. Every line in the poetry was mersmerizing. I would like to quote this stanza; as it formed my inspiration to compose something pertaining to the present scenario.

और न कोई चाह फूल की,
करे प्रार्थना हरी से,
"मुझे तोड़ लेना वनमाली,
उस पथ पर तुम देना फेक!
मातृभूमि पर शीश चढाने,
उस पर जाए वीर अनेक......."

I have no words to express the transfusion of positive energy in to me through each and every word of these excerpts. I hereby present my thoughts in the form of some poetic jargons. They go this way:

आत्मीयता की आग

मंदिरवालो, मस्जिद वालो....
मंदिर-मस्जिद बाद में बना लेना-
जो टूटे हैं घर घृणा से,
उन्हें तो बना डालो!!!!!!!!
ना राम कहते हैं, ना रहीम कहते हैं
कि आपस में लड़ों!
धर्मं और जात बाद में,
पहले हम इंसान हैं|
बचाओ इंसानियत को|
इस न्याय की लड़ाई को,
ना अपनी निजी लड़ाई समझो|
जिसका खाया तुमने,
उसके शुक्रगुजार बनो|
वक़्त आ पड़ा हैं बुरा,
ना भोकों एक-दुसरे के सीने में छुरा!
बनाया परमात्मा ने एक धर्मं-
प्रेम है जिसका मर्म,
क्यों ललकारते हो परमात्मा की इस रचना को?
और देते हो निमंत्रण अपने पतन को?
आत्मीयता से जीयो,
आत्मीयता से ही जीने दो|
नफरत के पौधे को उखाड़ के फेक दो|
रचा तुम्हे ईश्वर ने जिस उद्देश्य से,
करो ना उसको शर्मिंदा अधर्म से,
दिखाओ ऐसी कार्यक्षमता,
दूर भगाओ इस तरह अमानवीयता,
कि गर्व हो प्रभु को अपने सृजन पर,
और महक उठे चराचर!!!!!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Aspirations of a New Year

The year 2011 is just 11 hours away. This poetry comes with aspirations of a place which would facilitate freshness from all the corners of the world. The earth would thus become a better place to live on. It, of course, requires participation on an individual level in the first instant. Here it goes:

Let's come together.....

Let's forget the past,
And live in the present-
Though a crescent moon,
Yet a scented boon-
Which would gladden the world,
Through its fragrance of compassion,
And turn hurdles to opportunism-
Make a paradise,
Out of debris-
For the earth to be-
As beautiful as a rose,
Which would pose
To be eclectic,
To be ecstatic,
Looking forward to be the book of morrow,
To hum songs of joy, not sorrow-
To pray,
For well-being of innocent creatures,
Which would bear pleasing features-
Which would show the universe
Glimpses of constant progress,
Which would cross the blue mountain,
That's barred with snow-
And emerge as a fountain,
Showing colours of growth!!

Let's welcome the year 2011 with a bang!!!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Let hope guide all of us through life.........

Hope rules the world. One would die without hope. One strives today to hope for the best tomorrow. The  lines below explain a state of mind; wherein an individual undergoes an emotional turmoil and comes out squeaky clean; in HOPE that the next day would be his/hers. In the mean time, he/she also prays for everyone's hopes to come true. Here they go:

ज़िन्दगी नाम है संघर्ष का,
ज़िन्दगी नाम है उल्लास का,
फंसती है दुनिया इस चक्रव्यूह में,
जो दिलाये छुटकारा अंतिम यात्रा में |

इस संघर्ष के अन्धकार में,
दिखाई पड़ती है उम्मीद की एक किरण-
जो लगे जैसे स्वर्ण,
जो करे मनुष्य का दुःख: हरण |

जीता है मनुष्य उम्मीद पर,
त्यागता है जीवन उम्मीद पर,
रूठता है तो सुख की उम्मीद पर,
मान भी जाता है तो सुख की उम्मीद पर !

उम्मीदों का पूरा होना- बनाए ज़िन्दगी को चमकीला,
उम्मीदों पर पानी फिरना- कर दे मनुष्य को अकेला,
उम्मीदें खिलाये जीवनरूपी फूल,
उम्मीदें ही चटाए मनुष्य को धूल !

मेरे प्रभु ! रहेगी हरदम मेरी यही कामना-
"हर सुखद उम्मीद को सवारना सदा,
ताकि महक जाए हर किसी की अदा,
उदय हो रोशन भविष्य का |"

Saturday, October 23, 2010


The present generation is being looked upon as the ones who can make India a superpower. I can visualise India 20 years from now, when our generation would be ruling her (as Indian politics does not make any youngster a minister unless and until he/she crosses 40). The following few lines sketch the  character of the youngsters of India; who constitute 54% of Indian population; and have that zeal to take India to the top.

I seriously feel that if Indian youth gets itself endowed with this 'sensitivity', sky is the limit. Here it goes:

The passion is 'creativity',
The destination is 'infinity'-

The mission is 'persistence',
The survival is through 'perseverance'-

They are the creatures,
Inspired by hi-tech tutors,
To always serve everyone,
To never deceive anyone,
To always be optimistic,
To never be pessimistic,
To resist all the odds and circumstances,
To gain universal acceptances,
To be as pleasant as showers,
To be as serving as flowers,
To be adept at telling the truth,
To get the surroundings suit,
To be absorbant at feelings,
To be transparent at dealings,
To serve the world to the best,
So that, sharp shadows would be cast-
Passing on this 'sensitivity' to the subsequent generation,
Thereby leading naive masses to salvation.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dedicated to all the professors of MITWEC

The following composition had been arranged for on September 5, 2005, i.e. on the occasion of Teachers' Day.The cultural programme was to commence at 1:30 p.m. I had decided to be a spectator at that time......But, at 1:23 p.m., I was told to come up with something...and this poetry was an outcome of that 7-minute instant thinking. There I went on to compose something; and added 99th poetry to my collection. Here it goes:

(For ready reference, let me inform u that the name of my college was 'MIT women Engg. College', better known as MITWEC).
चला था एक अजनबी राह पकड़कर,
अपनी सारी यादें समेटकर,
चला था ढूँढने वह एक ठिकाना,
जिससे मिल जाए जीने का बहाना !

जैसे बढे उसके कदम आगे,
मन ने संजोये बीते हुए एक-एक पल के धागे-
हुआ उसे एहसास-
एक कशिश-सी थी,
जो खीचे जा रही थी उसे किसी से पास!

आगे था चित्र कुछ धुंधला-सा,
साँसों से निकला जैसे धुंआ-सा,
कुछ चीज़ें साफ़-साफ़ नजर आ रही थी,
कुछ चीज़ें आखों से ओज़ल हो रही थी |

बस ! थोड़ी देर और-
फिर खुला यह राज,
उठा इस धुंए पर से पर्दा,
जो पीछे छूट गया था- सामने आ खड़ा हुआ |

उस अजनबी के समक्ष,
आ गया एक चेहरा,
बंधा हुआ था उसके सिर पे सेहरा-
बोल पड़ा वह- "पहचाना मुजहे?
                         मैं हूँ- तुम्हारा अपना 'MITWEC'
                         आज दिन है विशेष,
                         याद हैं..........?
                         सन २००२ की तीज-
                         बोये थे तुमने बीज-
                         जो आज बन गएं हैं वृक्ष,
                         जिनमें बस गया हैं MITWEC का हर वह तत्त्व सूक्ष्म,
                         दे दो इनको आशीर्वाद,
                         क़ि वे इतनी ऊंचाई पर पहुँच जाएँ,
                         दुनिया उन में समां जाएँ" !